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Monday, February 18, 2013

Unconditional Spirituality O:)

Matka Peer dargah is a breathless, spiritual place situated in the break city, though many people are not  aware about it. The place have settled a remarkable outcome in the history of Muslim religious conviction. Dargah is named after a saint whose real name is Hazrat Sheikh Abu Bakr Tulshi Haideri Kalandari Rahmatullah who supposed to have come here from Iran 776 years back.

It  is having a celestial history. “The story starts with a person who was suffering from incurable diseases which apparently did not have any cure and decided to quit. While on his way to death he encountered the saint. When he narrated his problem to the saint, the saint asked the God to help him and made him drink that water which he was holding in the earthen pot and his problem was ultimately resolved.
.After this folks started coming to him with problems while the saint just pray to the God to get the solution for the exertion of the people” quoted by the member of committee in the Dargah. Offerings made by the devotees are answered here with irrespective of any caste, creed and once their offerings are riposted, and people use to offer here an earthen pot, roasted cereals and many other things once their prayers are answered. Till date the place is holding the faith of many people from every corner of the country.  

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