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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Part Of My Little Sunday Brunch

Instead of going to classes to attend lectures, go to the Sunday market, Darya Ganj, and you won’t come out for twenty years, if you really wish to learn. The Sunday book market at Daryaganj is one of its kind in Asia since 40 years of confluence and incorporate more than 220 book stalls.

Throughout many stages of formal education, a person may spend many, many hours in this market. For some it is the court of last resort. The current definitive answer to almost any subject can be found in this market. Right from children caricatures “chacha chawdhary” to the spiritual otherworldly Osho, each and every book can be found in this erudite lane within your means.

You have everything from fiction to medical sciences, architecture to cookery books, comics to atlases, fiction to computers, classics to magazines, management to hobbies. You name it and this place has it. It is hard to classify the books here in a specific order, but a patient search will certainly yield in what you are looking for. Mostly books are second hand and it at as a helping hand for the people who can’t buy most of the books due to their heavy weigh prices. We can say that this book is a paradise for the needy people and is a seventh heaven for the book lovers.

Today after so many centuries, Daryaganj is still a market but now, an over populated busy and congested one. Now, it has the office of some of the most well known distributors, publication houses and organizations of the country, apart from the good Indian restaurants and shops selling different kinds of books. Near Daryaganj’s Golcha cinema, the bazaar is the only source of income for many of its 220 pavement booksellers.

The market, covering a one-kilometer stretch, never had the official permission to run. But nonetheless, the hawkers had been allowed to sit there every Sunday. As always, authorization of the market is a messy question. On the one hand, the market is quite established and its struggle for existence and recognition seems to be long over, but on the other, each hawker pays some token of money in the form of “hafta”.

From students to artists to designers to theorists to activists – Daryaganj is the favorite place to be on a Sunday. Life begins at 7am every Sunday, over the decades for its thriving old book bazaar. This bazaar is a paradise for book lovers all over Delhi and beyond, as a mind-boggling variety of rare books are usually available in this market at very affordable prices. But the clouds of authorities are still rising on the heads of these street hawkers. For some customers it is a next world and for 250 hawkers who have a stockpile of books in the godown, the future definitely looks uncertain.

Nearest Metro Station : Pragati Maidan , Kashmere Gate , Chawri Bazar 

Monday, February 18, 2013

A television show will give you all the reasons to feel in love with the city :)

its good or bad country, we don't know We just love India
The show, Yeh Hai India Meri Jaan, revolving around an enthusiastic young girl's attempt to discover the real India through her camera, is Mirza's attempt to hear and understand the voices and faces that are no longer visible on Indian small screen.
The protagonist and her camera crew are fictional but the people they encounter on their journey are real. "Sometimes people welcome them in their homes and sometimes they laugh at them. It is an attempt to show the aspirations, disappointments, problems and changes of real India," Mirza has been quoted to have said

Unconditional Spirituality O:)

Matka Peer dargah is a breathless, spiritual place situated in the break city, though many people are not  aware about it. The place have settled a remarkable outcome in the history of Muslim religious conviction. Dargah is named after a saint whose real name is Hazrat Sheikh Abu Bakr Tulshi Haideri Kalandari Rahmatullah who supposed to have come here from Iran 776 years back.

It  is having a celestial history. “The story starts with a person who was suffering from incurable diseases which apparently did not have any cure and decided to quit. While on his way to death he encountered the saint. When he narrated his problem to the saint, the saint asked the God to help him and made him drink that water which he was holding in the earthen pot and his problem was ultimately resolved.
.After this folks started coming to him with problems while the saint just pray to the God to get the solution for the exertion of the people” quoted by the member of committee in the Dargah. Offerings made by the devotees are answered here with irrespective of any caste, creed and once their offerings are riposted, and people use to offer here an earthen pot, roasted cereals and many other things once their prayers are answered. Till date the place is holding the faith of many people from every corner of the country.