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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Aroma of my city

Fragrance of dignified capital can be acknowledged in my  city . An aroma of truthfullnes, religion , sattire if definately the sattire of my city .

A blissful thinking or a wish full every fancy is there in my arena . An embodiment of 63 year old independence , an embrace of  our  countries democracy lies here only . Weather it is from the religion point or from the political point or weather an academic point, my city is beyond the horizon.

As it is aid earlier that "ROME WAS NEVER BUILT IN A DAY " , same is the thing with my city , it lays behind the imprints of  100 glorious years , it was 1911when , Delhi was adjudged as the capital of India .

But at some point of time it is rightly said by some one:-

"The rumor of a great city goes out beyond its borders, to all the latitudes of the known earth. The city becomes an emblem in remote minds; apart from the tangible export of goods and men, it exerts its cultural instrumentality in a thousand phases"

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